Govardhana Giri Trust

ShriGopaalaKrishnaayaNamah! Welcome to the Official Website of Govardhana Giri Trust!
Motto. Cattle Care till Eternity
Vision. Unremitting WideSpread Campaign
Highlights. Milestones, Accomplishments
Statutory. Aid uplifting Law & Order


As the crime rate related to illegal poaching and slaughtering of cattle increased, there was an immense need to set up an organization whose primary task is to rescue, provide shelter and fulfill the basic necessities of such old, abandoned, injured and needy cattle.

GovardhanaGiri trust was established for this genuine purpose which started a pilot at a small village Neelavara initially with 100 cattle. This trust has scaled gradually over a period of several years, it is now a home for 1200 catlles.

Bulk Rescue

35 cattle poached illegally and on the way to slaughter houses were rescued by the activists and reportedly at Police Station.

Police In action

Police notify the trust, complete an official process of handing over the responsibility of the cattle to the trust with valid formal acknowledgements.

Trust Delivers

Trust authorities and co-workers transport all the 35 cattle into the Neelavara Premises ensuring their care there on.